“ Mil is quite unique in her ability to quickly grasp complex situations, appreciate both the technical and political aspects, as well as the all important personalities. This means that Mil can provide mediation for diverse complex groups in charged situations, commanding respect both for her intellect and ability to forge creative meaningful solutions. Mil complements her skills with a high level of integrity and sensitivity which I have witnessed in her work across cultures and with senior political figures."


Peter McAllister, Executive Director, Ethical Trading Initiative

Mil Niepold founded The Mara Partners in 2011 --  a mediation, research and training organization that focuses on issues of inclusion, diversity and agency as a means to solve complex issues. Mil consults with The Consensus Building Institute, Co-Creative Consulting and Seven Stones Leadership Group, among others. Mil has worked with several Fortune 500 companies including: Mondelez, MARS, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, governments: including Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand, Kenya and France, the United Nations and civil society organizations including Oxfam, CARE and Solidaridad to structure inclusive long-term solutions that balance the needs of all stakeholders.

Mil’s current focus area is building the capacity of women leaders to ensure that women leaders are not only trained in negotiation, but also included in decision-making processes at all levels of any process. Mil was also Director of Policy at Verité for 14 years, where she led a number of initiatives including Verité’s work on women in the workplace and other multi-stakeholder initiatives for clients that included the global chocolate industry, Reebok, Apple, HP and Levi Strauss, among others. 

Mil’s work over two decades spans both the private and public sectors with organizations such as UNICEF, the European Union and the French Trade Office. Mil holds degrees in International Affairs from the Elliott School at George Washington University and L’Institut des Sciences Politiques (France), as well as a Certificate in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University, UK. Mil is on the board of directors for The Nyanya Project and is Co-President of the Board of the International Cocoa Initiative.  Mil is a bi-lingual French speaker.