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The Mara Partners is a woman-owned facilitation, research and strategic advisory company. We specialize in working at the intersection of equity and the environment because we think this is what the future demands of us all. Specifically, our global team works with you to:

  • Navigate and negotiate high stakes discussions

  • Design, convene and lead inclusive dialogues -- particularly in global commodity supply chains

  • Facilitate board retreats, community meetings, strategic planning sessions 

  • Develop robust sustainability programming using our Integrated Gender and Climate Framework (IGCF™)

  • ombine an array of facilitation techniques to enhance dialogue

  • Lead trainings geared specifically to women

  • Conduct key informant interviews

  • Use dialogue to enhance sustainability challenges in supply chains

  • Train internal staff and/or external partners in strategic dialogue design and negotiation


Successful dialogues — ones that have the power to positively impact lives – require a kind of listening that is rare today. Addressing climate change and poverty and the ensuing increased competition for land, water and energy will require unprecedented levels of collaboration. Such collaboration begins with dialogue.

Our teams combine an array of facilitation techniques drawn from our years working globally. Successful dialogues start before the meeting does, by making sure everyone who needs to be there is there.

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