Dialogues happen every day. 

One-on-one, under a mango tree or using technology to engage many people all at once.

Decisions that impact both people and planet happen in dialogue.

But not everyone who should be included is included.

This is where we come in...


We are passionate about bringing all voices to the table. Find out more here about our latest research, thought leadership and resources at the intersection of gender and climate


Rather than "stakeholders," 

we collaborate with governments, civil society organizations, companies and communities to design rights-based solutions that are locally relevant, gender inclusive and climate smart.



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We partner globally with human rights experts, lawyers, scientists, mediators, NGOs and researchers to customize dialogues and trainings





More women


 better ways to


climate change

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (www.pacja.org) held a training on defining the set of strategies and skills women leaders need as part of the momentum towards the Paris Climate Conference and beyond in 2015. 

Based on this engagement, we can say that Mil is a very is reliable trainer, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to communicate with women from different backgrounds was unparalleled, and it is because of her great training that PACJA carries out the activity annually with different groups of women across Africa.

The Mara Partners is a human rights mediation organization that works to structure inclusive solutions to global issues through research, dialogue and training. Our team of human rights experts, lawyers, mediators, scientists and researchers work with you to:

  • Design, convene and lead inclusive dialogues

  • Facilitate board retreats, meetings, strategic planning sessions 

  • Research human rights issues through gender and climate lenses

  • Conduct key informant interviews

  • Use dialogue to enhance sustainability challenges in supply chains

About us

“As a company committed to leading on sustainability, we rely on Mil to help us design innovative solutions to some of our most pressing supply chain challenges. Her ability to bring all voices into the process is unparalleled. Unlike facilitators who are typically process experts, Mil has the added subject matter expertise in human rights policy that makes her advice all the more compelling.”


Cathy Pieters, Director, Cocoa Life, Mondelez, International


Some of our Clients

(past and present)


  • Côte d’Ivoire

  • Ghana


  • Mondelez, Intl.

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • MARS


  • Oxfam America

  • CARE

  • Vérité

  • The Consensus Building Institute

  • Business for Social Responsibility

  • Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance

  • OUT MetroWest


  • World Bank

  • United Nations

“Mil Niepold played an extraordinary role with the cocoa/chocolate industry on our child labor work in West Africa by bringing us together with civil society, NGOs and the governments of Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. There were several times our industry efforts were about to fall off the tracks and Mil’s creative interventions staved off disaster.”


Louise Hilsen, Former Vice-President, Government Relations, Nestlé USA

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