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Critical decisions that impact both people and planet happen in dialogue.

But often there are critical voices missing – resulting in costly, ineffective and unsustainable outcomes. That’s where we come in…

We design inclusive dialogues at the intersection of climate change, poverty, and gender equity – dialogues that produce breakthrough results on global supply chain issues. Our company is built on the premise that equity is the cornerstone of sustainability – and vice versa

Corporations, governments, and civil society organizations hire us to:                                                  

  • Design inclusive dialogues -- particularly in global supply chain conflicts

  • Structure and facilitate stakeholder negotiations

  • Revamp sustainability programs using our pioneering integrated gender and climate framework

  • Lead negotiation trainings geared specifically to women

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews

  • Train internal staff and/or external partners in strategic dialogue design and negotiation

  • Analyze strategic plans and identify gender equity gaps

  • Facilitate board retreats, community meetings, strategic planning sessions 

  • Align commercial objectives with human rights and environmental commitments

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