More women with badges equals less human trafficking


Human Trafficking is big business -- ranked the 2nd or 3rd most lucrative criminal enterprise globally. And while women make up the majority of trafficking victims, they are by far the minority working on the front lines to both prevent and eliminate this epidemic. We are working to change this.

We cross-referenced research on team performance, innovation and corruption. Taken together, the result is compelling: putting more women at every stage of the trafficking process (police officers, judges, customs, border agents, etc.) would lead to less trafficking.


Here's why:

  • To reduce trafficking you need to reduce corruption. The research on gender and corruption is complicated, but there is evidence showing that women police officers take fewer bribes 

  • Teams with greater gender diversity outperform other more homogenous teams, even when controlling for IQ. These teams are more innovative too.

  • As more women who receive training, the number of them entering political office increases -- which is correlated with improved rule of law generally -- limiting the culture of impunity that allows trafficking to thrive


Improved performance, innovation and governance are all key to fighting trafficking.  

There is a lot more to say than we can say here! What has been your experience? We would love to hear from you and we are happy to share our research and experience!